Koe no Katachi 57 SPOILER



Chap.57 : Reunion

Ishida ran away into restroom stall.
Movie mates talked to Ishida one by one, and Ishida put off the X one by one.
Finally, Ishida achieved to put off all the X’s on not only the movie mates but also all the highschool people.

PAGE 001-002

A sudden reunion!
– Chapter 57: Reunion –

This is so embarrassing!
What’s wrong, Ishida?
Gotta use the bathroom!
Nobody likes me, and I just had to go and yell like that. Wait, but why the heck am I running away like an idiot?
God, I am so, so lame.
Hey, Sho?
How did you know I was here…?
Yuzuru… said you were here…

Yaasho! You got the runs or something…?
Everyone’s here to see you.
Yaasho, why are you staring at the ground?
I… I actually came here to see you guys. But, I freaked out.
I lashed out at you guys on the bridge, so I guess I was afraid to find out how all of you felt about me after that.
Do you think you can look me in the face?

You never lashed out at me.
Ishida-kun, I’m sorry I hit you the other day.
If you can’t forgive me, then you can hit me right back. I can take it.
No, I won’t.
Nagatsuka-kun kept saying how you were a serious person and a passionate man; I guess he was right.
When you fell, there were bad rumors going around about how it happened because you were fooling around again. Nagatsuka-kun tried to clear up the misunderstanding by explaining what really happened. Hm, well, nobody believed him, though.

Yaasho! What did you think about the movie?
D-didn’t you hear me? I said it was amazing. Wait, what’s with the mustache?
It was part of a prayer; one that wished for you to get better.
Oh, right. Kawai-san, you’ve gotta give that to him.
But… it was done kind of shoddily…
It’ll be fine. Let’s give it to him.

Ishida-kun, this is from all of us.
These are a thousand cranes.
A thousand…
Well, it’s not actually a thousand… We wanted that many… but we couldn’t get enough…
We asked around… but we couldn’t even get… half the number we needed…

No, that’s still amazing. This is plenty. It’s great! I’ve never gotten anything like this before, so I’m really happy!
Thanks, Kawai-san.
Agh, this is so lame. Are we pretending to be friends again?
It’s so creepy I’m getting goosebumps!
That’s really mean, Nao-chan! You’re being a real jerk!
Huh? That’s pretty rich, coming from you.
C’mon, you two!

It’s your fault for coming here, got it?
Haha, Sorry, Ishida-kun. I know how you felt bad about us fighting, and here we are, like nothing’s changed.

There are some things that won’t change. Like me, for instance.
The struggle to make yourself change is what’s more important. That’s what I think.
I see.
Hmph! Saying that kinda stuff doesn’t suit you at all!
You’re right. But you came to see me every day, didn’t you? That doesn’t suit you, either.
But thanks for that.

But you see, Ishida-kun, she was…
C’mon, let’s give it a rest, shall we?
It’s nothing.
…You guys.
Thanks, you guys. And… sorry…
I don’t know all that much about you all, but I said all those things to hurt you.
I want to get to know you guys better. That’s why I want to get along with you from now on… I want to hang out with you guys… through the good and the bad.
That’s why… hmm, what should we do?
…For starters
…Yeah, let’s…

Let’s go around the Culture Festival together.
I’ll see everything. I’ll listen to everything.
I’ll see everything.
Huh? You’re back at school!?
I’ll listen to everything.
Ishida-kun! It’s been awhile!

Ishida-kun, don’t push yourself, okay?
Is it true that you saved a girl? That’s awesome, seriously!
Well if it isn’t Ishida-kun. Did you lose weight?
I can’t believe you were able to come here.

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