Beastars 166 Spoiler

Beastars 166

Chapter 166:
Please give me the fate of my height

First Words: Louis, grieving over the loss of his father, heads to..

Bottom panel poster: List of people related to father

Does this include my antlers?
I’ve lost so much weight…

Speaking of which, how much do my antlers weigh?
I guess I could try…

(What am I even doing…?)

If I keep going like this, I’ll collapse. (I’ll collapse if I keep going like this.)

Turtle: We herbivores are constantly tormented by stress and fatigue every day.
Turtle: Let’s cleanse ourselves with the holy water on the Odd Soul Festival.

I haven’t come to such festivals since elementary school… I’m not a fan.

The Odd Soul Festival is where herbivores purify themselves, held on the odd months of the year.

It’s a festival where herbivores are thankful for not being eaten by carnivores and pray for it to stay that way.

The neck bone of a Brachiosaurus, a giant herbivore dinosaur, is frozen over with ice. We’re supposed to wash our hands from the water melted off of it…
(It’s nothing more than plain water)

(Brachiosaurus – 22m tall)

Herbivores hope to influence their fate by throwing coins into the offering box, supposedly this prevents them from being eaten until the next odd month.

For those who didn’t give their offering, they can buy an amulet for protection.

Customer: That red one’s cute.

Somehow, the herbivores who’ve come here…

…It seems everyone enjoys interpreting their part as prey.

Well, to someone like me, who used to live as livestock, it’s a thing I’d never try to approach again. I hate it.

But my father is now gone…
…(and) I just want to go somewhere.

I can’t talk to Legosi. I would distract him.
Right now, he just wants to focus on bringing Melon down.

Haru: Ahh! It’s freezing!
Haru: Washing your hands with ice water in the middle of winter…

Sign: Gardening Club Room

Louis: Haru…
Louis: What a coincidence, how long’s it been?

Haru: Louis! Is that really you?!
Haru: It’s been so long!
Haru: How have you been?

Louis: …ah…

Right now it seems she is the one I wanted to meet the most.

Haru: Argh… I missed.

Louis: Why not get an amulet?
Haru: I’m not going to fall for that shrine trap.

Louis: You’ll be eaten, though.
Haru: Hehehe, whatever.

Louis: You’re dating a wolf, yet still coming here… What’s going on?
Haru: It’s just family tradition!
Haru: …I wonder if we’re even dating.

Odd Soul Wine
Sweet rice wine which contains medicinal herbs that carnivores dislike. It’s said that drinking it in the festival will help you to not be eaten.
Legoshi: Why am I (the one) explaining this?

Louis: But, you guys still have feelings for each other, right?
Louis: (He seems like one who could propose to anybody.)
Haru: Hahaha.

Haru: Legosi-kun’s really weird. (strange)
Haru: But that’s why I love him.

Louis: …Is that so?

Louis: This is a strange feeling.
Louis: Our relationship really was just… physical.

The pure white fur, that naive look, all lost to time.
She’s no longer the same rabbit.

Her features, the way she carries herself… they’re clear now.

Haru’s grown stronger.

Louis: Even though we’re no longer together, I still like who you’ve become.

Haru: Oh… (Ah…)
Haru: Me? Are you being serious?

Louis: What?
Haru: Because I don’t want to be a girl who would change for someone she likes.

Haru: I’d be easier if it’s for another rabbit… But for a rabbit who tried to be a good girlfriend for her wolf boyfriend, I’ll lose myself too much.

Haru: I’m the same as the herbivores coming to this festival.
Haru: As a prey, we all live in ups and downs. (or rough and light)

Haru: Because Legosi-kun keeps saying to me that “I’m amazing”, I don’t want him to treat me with care like this.

Haru: My esophagus (or my body) is still that of an herbivore.

Haru: Love is so hard.
Louis: Haru is so difficult to understand even for me… Can Legosi understand half of what she’s saying right now?

Louis: But isn’t you changing yourself proof of a good relationship?
Haru: You would need to wait a week after my period to brighten my mood.

???: Last 10 bottles of odd soul wine!!
???: Amulets are selling out, anyone who missed the offering should hurry up and buy one for himself. (Themself, or is he stating specific sex?)

Louis: I never knew the odd soul festival would be this lively…
Haru: It’s only been lively recently. The number of people coming here has been declining for the past few years, but now the city has become more dangerous.

Haru: How funny…
Haru: Whenever the world stops giving you warranties (for the future), the economy rises.

Haru: You need to know your place in the world in order to live your life to the fullest.

Haru: It’s easy to play along with the other herbivores as prey.

For example…
I’m a dwarf rabbit…
Who lives in this (plentiful) world…
As one among 500 million other rabbits…

…until then, suddenly, a huge wolf appears.
Saying that I’m one-of-a-kind.
That makes me feel more lost than ever.

Haru: I don’t care whether there’s 500 million of me or only me. After all, I’m still an herbivore.

Haru: That’s why I made a promise…
Haru: …with that guy I met at my university.

Louis: Promise?
Haru: …that he can eat me next month.

Louis: …Huh?!
Louis: Who did you make such a promise with?!

Last word: A deal with the devil…!?

Last(est) word: Next week => Legosi is returning to the BAM…!?