page 1

title) Subjugate
b1) Yo, // wassup Toji.
box1) I never liked this guy.
b2) I bet you’re bored as hell.
box2) The happy go lucky son of my doctor. // I bet you he looks at me, the deviation, like he looks at a roach.
box3) And I wasn’t about to let him get away with that.
b3) Toji…

page 2

title) -same as page 1-

page 5

box1) I punched, // and I kicked,
box2) all the negative emotions I had bottled up, I threw at him.
box3) and it felt real good.
box4) … or at least it should have.
box5) But for whatever reason, I spent that entire night // smiling and crying at the same time.
box6) Still, // I thought that was the last time I’d ever see him.
box7) But bright and early the next morning, there he was with all the bruises I gave him the day before.
b1) It’s payback time.

page 6

b1) What’s up deviation?
b2) You don’t have half the fight you did yesterday.

page 7

b1) I get the feeling that…
b2) you and I will be inseparable from now on.
box) That day,

page 8

box1) I carved those words // into my very soul.
box2) and as he suggested, I haven’t been able to get away.
box3) If that’s the case,
box4) then I’ll just accept it all,
box5) And face everything head on.
box6) The fact that I’ll never be freed from this demon,
box7) but that there was still a friend who accepted me.

page 9

box1) Don’t chicken out…
box2) over some stupid demon.
box3) And most of all,
box4) over things like how people look at you, or the future.
b1) There they are, let’s go, Yukikaze!
b2) I didn’t think he could… // get any dumber.

page 10

box1) I can feel my blood bubbling within me.
box2) Is the demon getting restless?
box3) Calm down a little,
b1) Ahhhhhhh
p1) I’ll give a treat presently.

page 12

b1) Hokuto!
p1) Let’s do this!
b2) wha // whoa!
b3) ohhhhh

page 13

b1) hngh // hnkuh
b2) gahhhhh // ahhh

page 14

b1) He actually took control of the power that deviant put in the staff!!
b2) He’s really good!

page 15

b1) Eat this!!

page 19

b1) Dammit! // He’s still alive and kicking.
b2) each lone cloud gather here at my call,

page 20

b1) once set free to the 4 corners of the earth, // gather as my arrow
b2) I, of the onmyou, am your conduit, // feel the intent of my heart

page 20

b1) all clouds gathered here, pierce through

page 21

b1) with the wrath of the god of the mid heavens,
b2) purify this evil before me!

page 22

b1) ORDER!

page 27

b1) Was it…
b2) exorcised?

page 28

b1) Wonderfully done!
b2) We defeated the nue!
b3) We won?
b4) K-kon… // get Harutora…
b5) I’m about to…

page 29

b1) WHOAAA!!!!!
b2) M-master!!

page 30

b1) Alright!
b2) My timing was perfect, wasn’t it?
b3) Touji? And Yukikaze!?
b4) What are you doing here? // And isn’t Yukikaze supposed to be out in the sticks?
b5) Hey! What’s with the horns? -small print- and fangs?

page 31

b1) They look good, don’t they?
b2) Yeah.
b3) They aren’t bad.
b4) I look totally badass like this!
b5) Yeah, it fits with your image.

page 32

b1) tsk // they defeated it.
b2) A bunch of n00bs exorcised a phase 3. // That’s not something you get to see everyday.
b3) I made the right decision to abandon the chase of the 2nd calamity.

page 33

b1) That being said, this isn’t looking good for // Tsuchimikado Natsume.  The rumors will simply spread, and there will be more fanatics than before.
b2) He simply added fuel to the fire of his “devotees”.
b3) Now then,
b4) what should I do?
box1) Truth be told,  I’m more interested in // that deviant than I am in the Natsume kid.  Rumor has it that during that calamity 2 years ago,
box2) he came in direct contact with Dairenji.

page 34

box1) Dairenji used his own body to produce the Ogre type.
box2) That was no natural disaster.
b1) He didn’t leave a shred of evidence, but…
box3) But think of it this way, that prodigy Dairenji Suzuka… // she’s obviously a divinity’s vessel.
box4) She was brought up as a receptacle for the sole purpose of overthrowing something.
box5) But it turns out that he used his own body and not his daughter’s for the ritual. // And caused that phase 3 calamity to occur.
box6) So in the end, this calamity that we all call it, was nothing more than him giving physical form to a spiritual being.
box7) Wrapping it all up,

page 35

box1) Dairenji Shido tried to become the vessel himself for whatever advent.
box2) But the result was, it became a calamity and possessed him. // What the hell was he trying to call down?
box3) Since Dairenji was exorcised, I can’t find the out the truth.
box4) However, if that “whatever” that was possessing Dairenji became a deviant and now  is in a human…?
box5) Would that demon in him…
box6) be just your run of the mill demon?
b1) This is good…
b2) REALLY good.

page 36

box1) It’s easy as pie to find the answer.
box2) The boxed with all the answers is sitting right in front of me.
b1) And the best way,
b2) is to just break open that box,
b3) isn’t it?

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