page 1

title) Pursuit.

b1) It’s already begun.
b2) M-m-m-my master!
b3) With your blessing, I could easily fly you over…
b4) Not… happening.
b5) Your ability to fly is going to be needed when we get there.
b6) For now, save up your power!
box) recovery spell

page 2

box) Replacement.
b1) A-alright,
b2) Let’s go!

page 3

title) -same as on page 1-

page 4

b1) Before sealing him, we need to get him to stop moving!
b2) Kokuryu! Reisen! Dassai! Hou-oh Biden!

page 5

b1) Armor types!? // This whole bike is a shikigami!? -small print- No wonder it moves on it’s own.
b2) This is a special one.
b3) Stop the Nue! We need to finish this near the stadium! // Hurry!
b4) It’s falling into the baseball field!
b5) Good! // We need to purify him here to prevent any victims within the city area.

page 6

b1) We’re going to run right through into… // YOU IDIOTS!!!
b2) Why the hell did you let him out!?
b3) He used the rope a dope on us.
b4) Zenjirou, this one is smart!
b5) No excuses, after him! Our next opportunity is the rugby field up ahead. // If we miss that, our last chance for no victims  is the main road to Aoyama! // We need to get him there!

page 7

b1) Hokuto!
b2) Don’t let the nue escape!
b3) I’m not just a spectator.
b4) Good, now let’s get going ourselves.

page 8

b1) That’s god.
b2) …natsu…

page 9

b1) That voice is…

page 10

b1) Harutora…
b2) Wha!?
b3) Order!!

page 11

b1) A talisman? Who’s doing this?

page 12

b1) Break.

page 13

b1) …Mutobe.
b2) Oh no, the nue is escaping!

page 14

b1) Dammit, what should I do?
b2) Mutobe was the 2nd in command at the spirit ward when he was still active…
b3) He’s no pushover at all.
b4) But if the nue gets away,
b5) the number of victims will be astronomical.
b6) Should I call Hirata, // and have them go after the nue in a helicopter?
b7) No, they have their hands full with a phase 4 right now.
b8) Natsume!
b9) Harutora!

page 15

b1) We’ll go after him!
b2) Huh? Wait!
b3) You’re going after him?

page 16

b1) Natsume!
b2) Oh, dammit! // Reisen, Hou-oh Biden, after the nue!
b3) Dassai, Kokuryuu, return to me!

page 17

b1) You’re more spontaneous than you look.

page 18

b1) I’m sending my shikigami with you, // when I”m done here, I’ll meet up with you.
b2) Don’t do anything crazy before I get there. // Because,
b3) my name is Dassai! // You ready? Let’s go!
-doesn’t make sense? Because it’s lost in translation.  I’d have to change his name from here on out for it to make any sense. Not going to happen.-
b4) We’re going to fly!
b5) Whaat?
b6) JUMP!

page 19

b1) Whaaaa!!
b2) ahn!

page 20

b1) You scream like a girl!
b2) Calm down and grab the handles!
b3) Are…
b4) you…
mouth) kidding!?
b5) whoa!
b6) M-m-m-master!?
b7) Hey kid, get on!

page 21

b1) What do you mean “get on”?
p1) It’s still moving!
b2) huh?
b3) WHOA!
b4) ngyah!

page 22

b1) H-harutora!! Where do you think you’re touching!?
b2) This is scary as hell!! I’m going to die!
b3) What kind of circus trick is this?
b4) What the hell is going on here, Natsume?
b5) Before I answer that, get your hands off my // AHH!!
b6) Harutora! What do you think you’re doing?
b7) I didn’t do anything!

page 23

b1) Do you even have a license for this thing?
b2) There’s no way in hell I would!
b3) We need to focus on the nue, we can’t let it escape!
b4) We’re going after it!
b5) That’s right, the nue.

page 24

b1) That little…
b2) Kon! Go help Hokuto and the others.
b3) A-as you wish!
b4) The direction it’s heading, we’ll end up at the Shibuya station soon.
b5) From the looks of it, they’ve set up blockades on this route, // but we need to stop him soon.

page 25

b1) whoa

page 26

b1) Hokuto!?
p1) You’ll pay for that!
b2) Hokuto, wait! // Come here!
b3) huh?

page 27

b1) huh…?
b2) no way
b4) Harutora!?

page 29

b1) I’m going to take care of this!

page 30

b1) hnngh
b2) ORDER!

page 31

b1) What the!? Master?
b2) Kon, don’t mind me and keep attacking the nue!
b3) That guy has lost his mind! // But he looks cool as hell up there!
b4) He’s stealing the spotlight! I don’t want to be stuck down here!
b5) I’m up for this! I can’t wait any longer for Zenjirou!

page 32

b1) We’ll handle this nue ourselves!!

page 33

b1) Oh no you don’t!

page 34

p1) Damn fool!
b1) oh no…
b2) Harutora!!

page 35

p1) Oh, I totally forgot.
p2) the hind leg.
b1) This is our chance!!
b2) Let’s get him in one shot!
b3) Let’s do this!

page 36

b1) You dare pull a move like that on my master!?
p1) Oh shut up, will you?
b2) Kon, what are you doing?
b3) huh?
b4) Didn’t I order you to ignore me and attack nue? // This is our chance to defeat him!
b5) Same goes to you, Hokuto. // Keep attacking like you were just doing.
p2) Hell yeah.

page 37

b1) As you desire…
b2) Everyone, ATTACK!!!

page 38

b1) Dammit!
p1) What the hell is it doing?
b2) We can’t keep letting him run like this!

page 39

b1) Harutora!!

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