104 New “Jewel”

We begin with Akira’s victory pose, Souma and Ryou bitter, and the audience in awe only to burst in cheers a few seconds later.

Jun congratulates Akira while crying and starts complaining at him for brushing it away cooly…Only to be embraced by him a few seconds later.
Everyone’s in shock for the hug, and when Akira notices what he did he stops.
Yuuki watches that with some interested/teasing eyes.

We get a small flashback to why Akira had the cinammon at the beginning of the election (Jun gave it to him).

Gin understands the true reasons for Akira’s expression after the semifinals and starts worrying about something.

Ryou is so pissed of no one dares get close to him.
Alice comes in and starts hitting his back in anger(more like pouting) at him losing
Ryou snaps at her, and Alice tells him they’re breaking off their relationship until Ryou apologizes.

Gin congratulates Akira and tells him to be careful as a talent to big can bear its fangs at its owner.

Souma and Ryou kinda force Akira to make some carpaccio for them too.
They eat it and have a small somewhat friendly/rival-ish talk.
Gin even says they’re going to become quite an interesting trio.
Leonora says that’s alligned with Tootsuki’s ideals (while comforting Alice)

Senzaemon says a new jewel was born that day.

The award ceremony begins.

The polar star gang (+Ikumi) is going to party but Souma gets a call from Jouichirou
Jouichirou makes fun of Souma losing after Souma hesitates to tell him the results.
Souma tells him he didn’t lost only due to Akira’s skill but because there was some kind of tenacity on Akira’s dish.
He also talks about how he’s glad he went away from Yukihira because that let him notice many things and that what he’s going to do know is find his own unique cooking because if he doesn’t it wouldn’t make sense for Souma to succeed Yukihira.
Jouichirou tells him that’s just fine and finishes the call.

We then get a monologue from Jouichirou.
He’s glad one of Souma’s peers finally blew off what Souma was until then.
He also talks about how meetings are the only way a cook can move forward.
He then says that facing the dish alone will only reflect your same unchanging self.
This last phrase is on top of a page where we can see Erina looking at Souma, Megumi, and Ikumi from the window.

The End, we get a new arc next week.

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