Shokugeki no Soma 099

– standard trash talk between kurokiba and hayama; kurokiba tells hayama to make his excuses while he can, as his dish will completely crush any weapons hayama can pull out.
– souma wonders what kurokiba is doing; hayama says its a technique souma should be familiar with – probably a reference to the aroma bomb in the earlier group battle
– dojima remarks that the moonlight bathing down on kurokiba seems to be cleansing him (seems weird from the chinese trans)
– alice’s mum is enchanted by the hot, bubbling mixture in the bags
– the aroma is well received and causes the food devil grandpa to smile
– the fish is incredibly fresh and melts in the mouth; dojima notices a secondary smell which isnt from seafood, which turns out to be from vanilla butter (melt some butter with vanilla and stuff, pop it into the fridge; something like that)
– alice remarks that her mum is about to perform her ‘strip’
– her mum stands up, people watch in fear (or anticipation) …
– and breaks into a humongous breakdown of why kurokiba’s dish is great (expect a long long time for the official translation, lol)
– hayama brings out his dish and kurokiba rages that he isn’t taking it seriously – as his dish is normally a starter
– hayama mentions his usual world of aroma stuff and the chapter ends

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