PAGE 003

You’re late

(text just says it’s been 2 years and today is Yuzuru’s coming of age ceremony)

PAGE 004

Hey that’s too short!
I think it looks better like this!

Mom have you seen my tie?

I told you yesterday to get your stuff ready ahead of time!

Good morning obasan.

Did Nishimiyasan already leave the house?
Take a look at this

PAGE 005

Oh wow, Nishimiya’s doing her hair.
It’s pretty crazy how they’re dressing in those and doing their hair all at once.

She told me Saharasan and Uenosan are starting their own brand. I wonder what my daughter will do…
W-Well has she already decided where she’ll work yet?

Don’t ask me. That’s her decision.

I found your tie,
Shoyasan (he speaks with a kind of accent but I’m not about to go Commie on this quick script, so yeah keep that in mind).

Oh, thanks Pedro!

Good thing Pedro’s back home.
Yeah, I’m happy for my daughter.

PAGE 006

Hey Pedro! If you’ve got time to look for ties you’ve got time to look for a job!
You need to start making money to support our new baby.
Ok, ok.

Looks like the family’s growing again.

See you later!

Yo, it’s Shoyasan!
What’cha doin?

Hey Maria. I’m heading to the coming of age ceremony.
Take care!

PAGE 007

Hey Ishida, what’s with the packhorse driver getup? (Can’t be fucked to come up with something clever so you get literal).

I don’t want to hear that from you, short-stuff!

By the way, where is everyone?
Haven’t seem them yet.

Hey Yuzuru, look at you all proud showing off those skinny legs.

When are you going to quit it with the poop head (some cultural slang I don’t know, I think. Making fun of his hair maybe) and sexual harassment?
I don’t plan on quitting either.

PAGE 008

All right, dinner is done. All aboard! There are no breaks on the disappointment train.

So I think for my next movie I’m going with a friendship theme. I’ll need your help again, since you offered.
Oh come on! We just finished the last one. Besides, the judges told you this kind of theme isn’t a good fit for you.

Well I guess I just never learn.

That sounds lovely.

Hey Karaisan, it’s been a while.
Mashibakun! We’re over here!

Ah, hey guys.

PAGE 009

Are you graduating this year Ishidakun?
Yeah, but I’ve still got an exam left. How about you, Mashibakun?

I still haven’t figured out what I want to do.
This sucks.
If I don’t figure something out I’ll end up being stuck as this worthless directors personal actor.

I’m looking forward to it!
Looks like the ceremony is starting.

Where are Nishimiya and the others?
Let’s go, Yasho!

Everyone, uh…
Today is, um…
During this freezing cold, um…

(text):Look at your 1 O’clock.

PAGE 010

Quit flirting!

All right! Looks like we’re all here.

PAGE 011

All right, looking good!

Thanks Yuzuruchan.
What’s the plan for after the ceremony?

Well we’ve got the reunion. How about we split up for a little while?
Then at night we’ll get together and have dinner!
Sounds good!
Count me in!

What’s wrong?

PAGE 012

I saw one of my old classmates.
I’ve gotta go, there’s something I need to tell them.

Alright, later man. See you at 6, ok.


Hey Nagatsukakun, we’re at a coming of age ceremony and you still don’t have a single friend?

Huh? But they’re right here?

He looks pissed!
Let’s get out of here!
Get back here and apologize!
What’re you doing?

PAGE 013

We’re going to go see the watergate elementary school class. (Japanese class naming is weird)

Naochan, what’s with the ring?
Oh, you noticed?
I was tough to turn them down when they asked me to take the plunge.
They’re a 181cm tall, super handsome fashion brand director.

Seriously? That’s awesome!
I’m really happy for you, Ueno.

What’re you talking about? I gave that to you!

Let’s go, Naochan, you’re something else.
Yuzuruchan, want to get some cake with us?

Nichimiya, we’re going to…

PAGE 014

Don’t worry about it.

Wait up Keichan!

sign: Watergate elementary

PAGE 015

That’s right.
On the other side of that door…

Ah, sorry. I spaced out for a second.
Let’s head in.

PAGE 016

Back in middle school.
I always imagined that my future would be nothing but a disappointment.

But now, I can see the future shining so brightly in front of me like I never thought it could.

Now I’m filled with an honest hope. (If anyone is really good with moon, this line reads really confusing to me so please step in)

A long time ago,
I hated Nishimiya.

PAGE 017

On the other side of this door, those painful memories are waiting for me.

But there’s one more thing waiting for me.


It’s a door I can always open.

And live my life to the fullest.

PAGE 018

Are you alright?

You’re nervous?
Honestly, so am I.

PAGE 019

Double Page  : Beautiful SHOUKO CHAN

PAGE 020

SHOUYA Opens the door and is holding that hands of SHOUKO CHAN


Behind this door, there is a painful past.
But there is one more thing behind.
That will open every time as long as you live.

Ishida’s final dialog.

Text at the bottom is standard Thanks for reading, we have an interview with the author coming out soon





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