The time for farewells approaches…
Chapter 61: Graduation
Shouko confirmed for going to Tokyo. Ishida hears from Yuzuru that Nishimom said “If that’s what’s you want, I’m fine with it.”
Ishida has to decide what he’ll do himself…
He heads to his room with an application for a hairdresser’s school in his hand.
There’s a girl sleeping with a blanket over her head.
“Hey Aneki, wrong room!”
He pulls off the blanket. It wasn’t his sister, it was Ueno.
Ishida drops the blanket and shows fear.

He tries to call for help.
Ueno: “Wait, wait!”
Ishi: “What did you come here for!?”
U: Just for a minute.
I: Get off my blanket first!
U: What are you gonna do if I don’t?
I: I’ll throw peanuts at you.
He says this without expression, after freezing for a moment.
Whether he really threw them or she retaliated, someone yelps in pain.
U: Just wanted to talk for a bit.
They’ve switched location to a nearby park.
U: I’m going to Tokyo.
I: Yeah, I heard from Sahara.
U: First! Nishimiya-san is aiming to be a hairdresser, not a beautician!
I: No way… for real?
Ishida is visibly disturbed.
U: For real! Sahara said so! Good for you~~♪
Ueno teases him about it, but Ishida–
I: Uh, y-yeah, I guess…
He blushes and looks flustered. Ueno looks annoyed and keeps going.
Ishida is sitting on a bench, Ueno is standing some distance away with her back to him.
U: Nishimiya-san is going too.
I: Yeah.
U: If you really like her so much… you should just come along to Tokyo.
I: Yeah, I thought of doing that for a second. But I’m going to stay here and do what I always thought I would do.
I: I’m going to take over my store, so I’m thinking about attending that kind of school (hairdresser’s).
U: Oh, so you’re doing the same thing as Nishimiya-san! Hmm~~
I: Nishimiya? She’s going to be a beautician, not a hairdresser. You may not know this, but the qualifications for those are totally different. We’re just hairdressers.
Ueno sighs and faces Ishida.
U: You’re the one who doesn’t know anything. Or at least… there are 3 things you don’t know!

U: First! Nishimiya-san is aiming to be a hairdresser, not a beautician!
I: No way… for real?
Ishida is visibly disturbed.
U: For real! Sahara said so! Good for you~~♪
Ueno teases him about it, but Ishida–
I: Uh, y-yeah, I guess…
He blushes and looks flustered. Ueno looks annoyed and keeps going.

Ueno: “Second!”
Suddenly she’s rather blunt.
U: They told me not to tell you, but I will… when you fell into that river and almost died, it was Shimada and his friends that helped you out.
The mood has completely changed.
U: They saw you at that festival and followed you around, because it was kinda fun… those guys… they did like you, back in elementary school, you know? But then… we all kinda changed, I guess. They wanted to act like they had never been friends with you, I think…
Perhaps she finds these things hard to say, because her back is to Ishida again.
U: I did too… sorry, Ishida… I wrote on your desk too.
I: …okay.
U: I insulted Nishimiya-san… and messed up her slippers…
I: …right.

U: I’m… you know, I’m a rotten person… even after all that… I still can’t like her, and I don’t want to like her.
I: …okay. Back when I was still friends with Shimada and the others, whenever I talked to them they’d give an expected response, so I thought I knew everything about them. But then for a while, I couldn’t understand them in the least… and I thought I had no idea what was there. Well, it was really my own fault… but now… I feel like I can fix those things whenever I want. I think you’re fine the way you are right now, Ueno. I’m sure you’ll get a chance when the right time comes. It’s not all about liking and hating. There’s plenty of time after all, and I’ll do my best too.

U: You… you’re so naive…
Ueno crouches down so Ishida can’t see her wiping away tears.
I: Oh really? I kinda meant to cheer you up… yeah.
Ueno gets up.
U: Sigh… Ohh shit, I gotta go…
I: Wait, you didn’t tell me the third thing I didn’t know! What is it? The last one!
U: Use your head for a change, baka BWAKA!
With that, Ueno runs home without a backward glance.
I: I don’t get her at all… she’s like a stormy gale as always.

Some time after, another Tuesday.
Ishida is waiting for Yuzuru and SHOUKO on the bridge while watching the grown-up koi.
A wild Shouko appears
I: Yo yo~ Nishimiya.
As always, Shouko has food for the koi.
I: S-say Nishimiya… um, uh, when I graduate, I’m actually going to be a hairdresser. But it’s different, okay?
Shouko looks astonished.
I: No, uh, what I meant was, it’s not like I’m doing it to chase after you because you’re doing it too. I didn’t want you to think that I was a, you know, a stalker? I’m the type that takes over my mom’s shop! Uh, uh, basically what I wanted to say was, don’t get creeped out by me. ‘Cause I want to celebrate next year’s birthday together! That’s how it is!

Ishida is gibbering by himself, but Shouko nods.
I: Thank god… you understood me…
Shouko gathers some of her hair with her left hand, and signs
“I was thinking the same thing, let’s do our best together”
I: …yeah.
They smile at each other, and Yuzuru takes a picture from afar.
Yuzuru: Do your best, you two.

They all head towards their goals, and do what they must do.
Time went by, and Ishida and his friends all graduated high school.

The Nishimiya family’s car is loaded with luggage as Shouko prepares to leave for Tokyo.
Nishimom: That’s everything. Thank you Ishida-kun and Nagatsuka-kun, you’ve been a lot of help. Please look after Yuzuru.
Broccoli: Don’t mention it.
Ishi: Please have a safe trip to Tokyo.
Nishimom: We will. Now let’s go, Shouko.
Yuzuru: Bring me back presents!
Shouko signs “See you” from the passenger seat in the front.
Broccoli: C’mon Ya-sho, tell her goodbye!
Ishi: Eh?

Bro: You forgot to tell her something, right!?
Ishi: Oh, yeah. Something I forgot, I forgot…Nishimiya, um… this is kinda embarrassing, but what were those things you gave me last year…?
With a blank-faced Shouko on board, the car shrinks into the distance. Yuzuru and Nagatsuka no doubt felt the same way.
After a while, Ishida gets a photo+text on his smartphone.
The text says “This is how you use it”, and the picture shows garden picks.
Ishi: Nishimiya…!
His question finally answered, Ishida looks happy.
Bro: You disappoint me bro
Ishi: Speaking of which Nagatsuka, do you have the music guy’s mail address?
Bro: Yeah, what for? He’s going to France to study music.
Ishi: (Oh really?) I just wanted to ask if he’s coming to the Coming-of-age ceremony, I just wanted to talk things over.

And the stage moves to 2 years later… How will the story of a boy who can hear and a girl who couldn’t hear end?
Next issue, Koe no Katachi final chapter & a special interview with Ooima

That’s all folks.


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