Kingdom 407

Kingdom 407 Raw

KINGDOM 407 : 5000-men commander

-Right after announcing the promotion of Tou, Shin and Ouhon were called up the stage, both being promoted to 5000-men commander for taking the head of a Fire Dragon each.
-While most of the Ouhon camp wasn’t happy that Shin was promoted to 5000-men commander too, Ousen lieutenant from Ousen’s army(forgot his name) commented that it would be impossible to promote all the way to general anyway.
-As usual, Ouhon taunted Shin for his luck in taking down a Fire Dragon during the ceremony and caused a small fight to break out.
-After the ceremony, Ouhon was attached under Rukuomi to assist Moubu in the south against the invading Chu. A little error on the map on page 6. Qin should be at the northwest while Chu should be at the south, not the other way round. Probably a translation error by the chinese guys. Just take note of this in case mangajoy/turnip farmers messed up too.
-The purpose of attaching Ouhon and his squad to Rukuomi is to train him to become a general as a 5000-men commander can only see what a general is like when working directly under one.
-Therefore, Shin is now attached to Ryuukoku and tasked to defend Choyou with him.
-Shin recalls his promise with Sei and prepares to rack up achievement before next year and get promoted to General so that he can fulfill his promise and be the first general to be appointed by Sei as the official king of Qin.
-Back in Kanyou, Sei and his subjects are worried about the state of Ai getting support from other states.
-As the state of Ai is still technically part of Qin, they had to give Kanyou half of any tribute they receive from other states. As a powerful family from Zhao tributed 5000 gold to the state of Ai, Rao Ai wants to keep all the gold and use it as funds for attacking Kanyou even though the Queen Dowager rejected that idea.
-After Rao Ai passed that idea as a joke, she left the court and soon after, a random subject persuaded Rao Ai that his idea of attacking Kanyou is for the future of the state of Ai and must be done.
-Back in Kanyou again, the temperature is dropping and this reminds Sei of the time he spent with his mother in Zhao when she always complained about the weather during this time. He thinks that the inflation of the state of Ai will soon cause an implosion and after that he can focus on bringing down Ryofui and easing the pain from his mother.
-Next chapter, we will move on to a new year(9th year of Sei’s rule, 238BC)

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