Shingeki no Kyojin 63

Shingeki no Kyojin 63 RAW

Frieda’s Titan was supposed to be above all other.
Grisha approached the Reiss’ after Wall Maria fell with the intention to steal the power the family holds.
He demanded Frieda’s Titan power from her.
However, it came to battle but Frieda was too inexperience in using her power, leading to her Death.
Grisha then proceeded to kill the entire Family.
Dirk, Abel,Florian and Ulkrin were his Childrens name.
Grisha crushed the youngest ones and trampled on Florian and Rod’s Wife.The oldest, Ulkrin was the last to die being crushed in Grisha’s Hand.

Kenny interrupts asking why he tells the story again reffering to Rod merely as “King”.
“Hey King!”
He informs Rod about the Coup who replies that he gave Kenny the order to overwhelm them all with Force and why he is still here.
Kenny answer with how he can’t find the toilet cause he gotta take a shit.

Zacklay is aware of the Memory Manipulation endulging in his disgusting fetishes cause people forget about it anyway.
It’s implied he is a Reiss as well as Pixis believes only the ones of their blood aren’t affected.
Apparently the Reiss want Erens power to strengthen their power as even an uprising from the People wouldn’t have the be feared with his power.
Pixis and Erwin have become aware of Zacklay.Seems Nifa dug out that info.
Zacklay refers to his acts as work of Art.

The two come to realization that if Zacklay is with the Monarchy, then he stands in their way.
Pixis ponders if the fighting will ever stop to which Erwin replies:
Only if Humanity has been dwindled to less than one.
Erwin orders everyone to head to the Chapel.

Levi tells everyone how dangerous Kenny is, referring to him as a much greater threat than himself.
The “Rookies” ponder if they have become useless now.

Mikasa seems to realize a few things.
They lived in the Woods cause apparently her family was persecuted for some reason, deducing it’s related to Kenny.
Levi asks if she somehow ever felt “Awakened”, with Mikasa confirming.Apparently it happened to Kenny as well.
A ridiculous surge of energy streaming through him.
Levi stated he felt that as well.

When Rod and Historia are alone, they have a chat.
Frieda is still alive.Or at least her memories asking if he wants to see her.
Flashback to 5 years ago, Grisha to Eren.

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