Shingeki no Kyojin 62 SPOILER
THanks to Erwin’s movements, the current system has been abolished.
After the military gained control of the capitol administrative district–
The decision was announced from the gallows intended for Erwin.
[Chapter 62 – Sins].

King Fritz’s decision to impede plans maintain humanity’s future,
and his decision to sacrifice most of humanity in order to maintain the current system…these were the causes of this coup, correct?
Indeed. As Commander in Chief Zackley explained earler,
Our goal is neither a junta, nor to rule the country through the miltiary.
As the Buick News Agency’s pamphlet said, we’ve already discovered that House Fritz is not part of the Royal Bloodline that has led humanity until now.
The real royal house lives on under a psuedonym in hiding.
In a crisis when the Titan onslaught is at its worst, a pervading lack of trust in our leaders, the royal government, would lead to an existential crisis.
And we, the military, have a duty to protect humanity from the threat of the Titans.
Since that is the case, what we msut do…
is to help the true royal house regain their ancient and rightful place, and ensure that mutual trust between sovereign and citizenry is restored.
My Social standing’s changed pretty fast too…
If you have any questions, ask away.
Those that would seek to impede your freedom of speech and expression are now safely shut away in prison.
(That bodyguard’s thousand-mile stare looks like he could belong in Eren and Historia’s family too)
We’re pleased to hear all this.
As newsmen, the Buick reporting agency’s reports gave us all courage.
They said the King is a counterfeit?!
That can’t be….That’s impossible…
Doubtlessly the thoughts of the peopleare far more conflicted
Not to mention the nobility and aristocracy, who are doubtlessly concerned about the future of their rights, privileges and assets.
I heard the military will hando ver power…
Ha…who would believe something like that?
Based on this, maintaining the current course is the best choice.
But…even if we could find and restore the power of the old royalty, and even if we prayed that they will do well…
will they be able to unite the will of the people in the same way that House Fritz, pretender or not, managed to do? (this is slightly iffy, but after all CR scans are coming soon)
At this point, having been exposed to just a sudden and profound societal disruption..
What should we seek?
What should we, the people, believe in…? Nobody knows.
If we were really thinking of Humanity’s future,
we really should have just left everything to the Royalty (Fritz’s).
No matter how spineless or corrupt the royal governemtn was,
it had a way by which humanity could (and have) survived under the constant threat of the titans.
Though the royal government planned to sacrifice half of humanity without a second thought…
it still is superior to complete extinction.
The strength of a Titan Eren possesses,
the plan to take back wall Maria…even Eren’s life, perhaps we should have left it all to them.
These last few days, my thoughts…
have differed with my comrades.
Every time I think about humanitty…
Isn’t this just like how I normally let my comrades charge into tehir deaths?
Eren and Levi…Hanji…just abandoning them to tehir deaths…
Wouldn’t it be better just for me to give up my life and my duties and just leave everything to the royalty?
If by the life of a man,
all humanity may gain a little more respect…
The road before you remains harsh.
Death will be a relief.
Why did you choose this craggy road of mine?
Let me ask you this. Why….
At the beginning, this you suggest this road to Pixis?
If you had chosen to hand over Eren to the Royal Government, and changed recent events…
Then there was no reason to go to Pixis.
You merely needed to order your subordinates not to jump teh gun.
I have a suggestion.
What of your negotiations with Commander Pixis?
…negotiatinos have failed.
Don’t expect to rely on the commander.
about that…
I will answer your question, then.
Why did I rebel against the king?
…that is because
I have been dissatisfied with the royal government for a long, long time.
…oh? I’m pleased. Those grovellers and those bigwigs, sitting on those seats of authority with not an ounce of greatness to support them…that’s not right, you can say I’m fucking pleased.
Now that I think about it, I’ve always dreamed of this day.
Sacrificing all my life to be their loyal, slobbering hound, crawling to this position… and then enacting this coup…this has been the msot fun I’ve had in a long, long time.
You wanted to see it too, right? THeir crying faces, the demise of those who feign generosity!
Their conduct went beyond all my expectations…to think that they’d be bawling at that age! But the best part is yet to come…after these decades, I’m still thinking of how to humiliate these lowlives!
even if you hadn’t done it, I would have resolved to try it out before I conked it.
I am not like Pixis, and I was not like him, I had no plans to pussyfoot and fly teh white flag halfway through. I knew these men, I knew their characters.
This revolution, rebellion, coup, name it what you will…to be honest, I don’t give a flying fuck about how it affects humanity.
THe truth is, I’m also a villain.
But from what I saw…
You are the same? ….yes.
It’s as you said.
Letting others decide what humanity’s path is,
is equivalent to committing your comrades to death. Don’t run away from your problems because of a few concerns or passing panis. In truth you, too, do not wish to die.
Like me, on a scale between you and humanity, you’d choose yourself.
What is your reason?
It’s your turn to answer.

…it’s just me,
being too brash, too oveconfident, too full of myself.
To be honest, I have a dream.
A dream I’ve had since I was a child.
I always wanted to be a hero of justice
A few hours ago–
Hanji, we should be good after we distribute this batch.
Thank you, Mr. Lloyd.
Next up, as agreed upon, we’re evacuating everyone here and tehir families to Trost. The Reebs Happy Mercahnt Guild will be in charge of hiding you all away.
Let’s go and check out the rendez-vous. It’s possible Levi’s group left a message.
….there’s someone there.
Is this (fuck if I know that middle character, I’m just going to say “Maury”, it’s just a code word anyway) Mr. Maury’s warehosue?
No…this is Mr. Aigazz’s place.
…So that’s how it is.
Well, we’re that midget’s friend.
Could you guys take us to him?
…what are those folks arguing about?
That’s great…
Erwin’s fine….
Moblit, report this to Erwin!
Regarding that piece of information!
You said Eren’s going to be eaten?!
From what we overheard and their movements, that seems to be the conclusion.
That may be teh way from which they obtain the Titan’s Power from Eren.
We’ll discuss this on the road.
This is the report Erwin gave me regardign House Reiss’ estate.
If all goes according to our current plan, after Eren and Historia are given to teh Reiss…
We’d normally predict they’d be taken to the Reiss estate
So we’ve been disguising Scouts as farmers and sneakign them into their lands. And, from thsoe reports… The House Reiss Attack Affair from five years ago takes up most of the report.
There were originally five children in the reiss family.
Although…that in itself is not anything strange
But another child was born, between the Lord and a maid
With that exception, the Lord’s reputation wasn’t bad.
Especially the eldest daughter, Frida, whose natural personality and cheerful visits to the farms earned the love of the people on the estate.
Everyone called her the pride of the estate.
on the night Wall Maria was destroyed, a tragedy occurred.
Because bandits used the disorder to attack,
the town church was looted, and then burnt.
Nobody in the village noticed when the bandit(s) closed in.
But on that night, in the church, another tragedy occurred
Hearing of the destruction of wall Maria, the Reiss family had gathered together to pray.
With the exception of the House’s leader, Rod Reiss, the whole family were cruelly murdered by the bandits

This had happened a few days before Historia’s mother was murdered by the Central MPs.
After Rod Reiss lost his family, he suddenly hoped to establish contact with Historia.
The reason they want Historia now probably figures.
Blood relations…
so the ability or skill is passed down the bloodline?
Hanji, where are they?
That’s right…we’re not going to discuss that for now.


What got my attention was that the church was completely destroyed.
That church was not a wooden church, ti was mainly stone, all very solid.
even stone buildings crumble from fire damage…
it’s possible that those bands of bandits brought along siege weaponry…but why did the bandits have to destroy that building?
if It was just looting, you could have just taken the valuables and skedaddled.
And the only one who witnessed the bandits
was just Rod Reiss.
Afterwards he used his own assets to quickly rebuild teh church…
why is that?
If it was to prove that Titans would no longer appear here (I don’t know whether Hanji’s talking about Rod or someone else, and what “here” indicates), that would make people even more incredulous.
Although this is my personal reasoning, but if it’s that suspicious, we ought to first check out the location.
Off to the church, Yessir respectively
Our company should enter Reiss lands aroudn dawn.
Reiss probably won’t wait that long…so we gotta go fasd.
Eren may already be eaten…
If titans eat shifters and gain the ability to become human….
is that is real…
then when did Eren become a titan….
and who did he eat to gain those abilities? (Grisha?)
You awake?
Please just wait a little more.
Everything will be okay.
She’s alright!
Eren…listen to me.
My father…
From the beginning
never thought to turn against humanity within the walls.
We misunderstood him.
True, they attempted to stop the actions of the scotuing corp….
and they killed both Father Nick and Uncle Reebs. But my father couldn’t help it.
Everything he did
had to be done, and was done for humanity.

Allow me to explain from here.
I remember…
my last memory was of those two
Please forgive everything i’ve done…
it was all to protect you.
I was thinking of you every day and every moment.
I’ve always hoped to hug you like this.

From then on–
how long as passed?
Captain…Armin…Is the scouting corps doing alright?
(what about Mikasa?)
What did that man say to you…?
And I–
How many times have I been caught?

These walls…what’s going on? They’re glowing….
I can’t even tell what time it is….
no… .that’s not the important part…
In the past…I’ve once….
came t othis place…
Is something wrong?
This is your first time here.
Even if you have some recollection of this place, it’s not that surprising.
What does that mean?
F…father, weren’t you going to explain to Eren?
Yes…I will. But I want to try something out.
I just need to touch him.
Everything that happened here is hidden in a little corner of his mind.
If we do this, maybe we’ll help him remember…
This place may be the proper trigger–
PAGE 37-38
I’ve never seen this before….
…no, that’s not right!
Whose memories are these?!
PAGE 39-40
This key!!
This is…?!
No way….
PAGE 41-42
slightly cute titan eyes
So the moe titan that ate Mina used to be the little girl then
PAGE 43-44
[Bauklötze in the background]
How was it?
Do you remember now?
Your father’s sins
[The son ate the father!]

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