Musunde Hiraite (MINASE Mayu) Manga


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むすんでひらいて(MINASE Mayu); 打结不打解; 繁結; 繁结;

Clench-Open (MINASE Mayu)

Released: Author(s): Artist(s): Genre(s):
2009 Minase Mayu Minase Mayu Comedy, Romance, School Life, Seinen

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For Chapter 1: On the first day of school, Furuya Hiro sleeps in causing him to miss the opening ceremony. Because of this, he gets to meet Himari Asaki, the top girl in school. He falls in love with her instantaneously; so, he decides to confess his feelings for her…. repeatedly. Unfortunately for him, she rejects him every time without fail. On one of these occasions, he accidentally drops his cell phone (which of course has a candid photo of Himari for his wallpaper). Himari finds it and returns it to Furuya at his house. There we find out that Furuya’s sister is actually a friend of Himari along with the fact that Himari is androphobic.

Each chapter focuses on a different character, although they are all related through being classmates.

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