Kingdom 412

Kingdom 412 RAW

-The coronation/coming of age ceremony commences at You.
-Other than the important figures of Qin, the six states also sent their representatives to the ceremony, mainly to act as the eyes of their respective kings to take a look at the new Qin king.
-The Queen Dowager and Ryofui then enters and take their seats just below the throne.
-Finally, Sei enters and walks up to the throne. The representatives from the other states, who were mostly seeing Sei for the first time, was surprised by the “light” emitting from Sei.
-The crown then arrives and the scene cuts to Kankoku Pass
-Meanwhile, the Ai rebel army, led by Fan YuQi and his son passes through Kankoku Pass. They were probably given permission to pass through as Kanyou has yet to receive news about their rebellion, or had bribed the guards there.

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