-Continuing from the last chapter, as the 2 subjects suggest the idea of invading Kanyou, forcing Rao Ai to rebel officially, Rao Ai was in a dilemma. As they push him further by saying silence equals consent, he immediately rejects the idea and says that they must consult the QD about it.
-They dragged the matter for 10 days and the other subjects are becoming impatient for the lack of a reply as they were all pressured by the fact that Kanyou has already received news of the 2 children and are planning the invasion of the state of Ai.
-She knew that Hu Li(that old guy who suggested the idea initially) is acting on the orders of the king of Chu and he used the wealth from Chu to bribe the other subjects over the course of these 10 days to support the idea of invading Kanyou.
-Apparently there is a spy beside the QD when she gave birth to the 2 children who leaked this information to Hu Li(my guess is that spy is Zhao Gao).
-Seeing that most of the subjects support the idea of invading Kanyou, Hu Li further pressurizes by saying that there are now only 2 choices for them to pick. One is to invade Kanyou now, which he thinks its a winnable battle as most of Qin’s forces are currently at the borders fighting Chu or Wei. The other option is to bring the head of QD, Rao Ai and their 2 children to the king and surrender, pleading for mercy. QD’s 2 children are currently being held hostage in Hu Li’s residence
-With that, the other subjects are getting impatient and threatening to take the lives of Rao Ai and QD if they do not give the order to invade Kanyou now.
-With that, the QD has no choice, and asked the subjects whether they are prepared to give everything they have until they overthrow Qin and make her children the new king.
-She then declares that she aims to strike the day when the king, Ryofui and all the important court officials leave Kanyou for Yong(the old capital of Qin, Japanese name should be You) next month, which is the day of the coronation ceremony.

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