Kingdom 406

Kingdom 406 RAW

-Chapter starts with a short flashback of the first time Ryofui and Chou Tomo/Zhao Ji(Queen Mother’s real name)met in Kantan, capital of Zhao, when they were still a merchant and a dancer respectively.
-Back in the state of Ai today, Ryofui offered to pluck out the thorns he embedded in her in the past, which she refused as she said she found the “man she loves”(referring to Rao Ai).
-As Chou Tomo pressed Ryofui for the purpose of his visit, Ryo revealed that his only purpose there is to initiate an official breakup between the 2 old lovers even though Ryofui admitted that he had never stop loving her.
-The scene cuts to Choyou where a simple reward ceremony will be held for the battle of Choyou that concluded recently against Wei and their Fire Dragons. As Qin is currently facing hostilities from 3 directions, the state of Ai in the north, the Chu in the south and Wei in the middle, they do not have the privilege to hold an elaborate reward ceremony in the capital.
-Tou was promoted to Great General, the second Great General in Qin after Moubu.
-The end of the chapter hints that Shin and Ouhon will be rewarded in the next chapter

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