Kangoku Gakuen 157

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Prison School 157 raw
-Whew… that’s quite a lot of stuff you smuggled in here
-It was pretty hard, wasn’t it? How did you manage to bring all this inside the prison?
-Well, doesn’t matter. There are no means left for you to escape.
-It’s your loss, Mari.

-Mari-san… even though you said ‘We finally made Kate to worry so much she came here in person’, what does it mean…
-Also, what about ‘Continue to do your job’? In the first place, what the heck is that ‘Job’ of mine…
-What happened? Why such a scary face, Kiyoshi-kun? You don’t have to worry this much.
-It’s all Mari’s fault after all, you’ll just get away with a light punishment.
-A.. ara, you’re pretty composed.
-Did something funny happen?
-No… Not really…
-Hmph. There’s no way Kate-san can figure out the reason for my laugh. And that’s because…
-Even I don’t understand why I laughed!
-No, to begin with…
-I can’t comprehend our previous actions at all!
-My ‘job’… Mari-san told me: ‘Just laugh boldly in the face of the student council’
-And that’s it!
-Laugh boldly?… Is that my important job?
-Yes. A very important job. We, the underground student council, were greatly disturbed by that laughing way of yours.
-No matter what happens, please smirk and laugh at them while brimming with confidence. That’s a job that only you can do.
-I don’t really understand the reason but I’m being told to continue doing it…
-Well, here I go!
-Mi… Mitsuko…
-You sure that’s all of their tools?
-Y-yes.. probably…
-Did you check their bodies?
-Well, only Kiyoshi-kun’s…
-Then.. this girl..
-Hasn’t been searched yet!
-Huh.. What are you doing, Mari?
-Let’s make a little bit of physical examination….
-And that’s it!
-U.. ugh..
-What do we have here?
-Good grief…
-Guess they missed this one… fufu.
-So you were going to use these to restrict Mitsuko and Risa.
-Such a scary girl~
-Is there anything else you’re hiding?
-No, nothing…
-To hide handcuffs in such place… No way, it was our trump card!?
-Really? Can’t really believe you now~ After all, hiding such a thing…
-Well, if you’re worrying this much…
-…then if we use them like this, you should feel relieved.
-How is it? Now they’re not scary at all.
*sfx: irritated
-Mitsuko! Put this man into an isolation cell!
-Hm? Were you thinking about tying yourself to an iron bar or something?
-But now you can’t rely on these handcuffs.
-Now it’s 100% impossible for you to run away.
-Mitsuko? What happened?
-What? Kiyoshi is smirking and being disgusting?
-I see.. Yeah… Kiyoshi is really disgusting, isn’t he. What the hell is wrong with that guy.
-Risa-cha, how are you feeling? Are you okay now?
-Yeah…. A little bit of fresh air helped me.
-Understood…. I’m going back.
-This guarding job will be over soon.
-Not long ago ago my mind was shaken because of that disgusting Kiyoshi. But now… There’s not a single thing that I’m afraid of.
-When this job is over, I’ll return immediately….
-Wait for me, Andre!
-What is this…
-What is it? ChaMmerry(?シャンメリー), the high class persimmon drink
-So it’s one of our favorite drinks… so you knew.
-Hmm. Nope, just a coincidence, I ordered it just because I like it.
-Well then, to celebrate real student council’s…
-and my victory..
-Mm, the taste of victory!
-Tastes even better when I imagine your unsightly form losing in tomorrow’s cavalry battle~
-Hey… why are you doing this?
-…. what?
-Why did you decide to destroy the underground student council?
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