Hime-sama Tanuki no Koisanyou Chapter 13 to 18 Spoilers

Chapter 13 – Kincho (Riku’s ancestor tanuki) and Rokuemon (big tanuki boss) became best friends.  Kincho falls in love with Rokuemon’s daughter Kanoko, but everything falls apart over difference approach to humans.  Rokuemon hated humans since they killed his wife, made her into tanuki stew (tanuki-jiru) and ate her.  Kincho wanted to help the good humans.  They start the Great Tanuki War (Tanuki-gassen).

Chapter 14 – Kanoko kills herself to stop the war between her father and lover, but the War keeps going.  Both Kincho and Rokuemon die in the War.  Kincho is reborn as a guardian spirit/tanuki god and remains on earth.  Many generations of tanuki keep fighting the same war.  Kanoko is reborn as Miyo with all the memories of her old life.  She wants to stop the war for all time.  She asks Riku to marry her so they can bring the two sides together and finally have peace.

Chapter 15 – Riku refuses to marry Kanoko because she is asking out of duty and not love.  He asks her “Do you really love me?” She says yes, but he is not convinced.  Riku’s mother tells him that they are descended from tanuki who shape shifted to human.  She cannot shape shift but he has great “potential” as a tanuki so he should marry Miyo.  The meeting is broken up when Kincho tells them Gonsuke has snuck back into town.  Miyo tries to find him before he does anything but she’s too late.  He has done something to Momoka.

Chapter 16 – Riku and Miyo catch Gonta.  Miyo kicks his butt in no time flat.  At first it seems as if Momoka is fine, but it turns out Gonta erased all her memories of Riku.

Chapter 17 – The spell has the unintended consequence of making Momoka forget how much she loves art since she was with Riku when she learned to draw.  Momoka does not remember wanting to go to art school out of town either. Riku apologizes to Momoka when he realizes how deeply the spell changed her.

Chapter 18 – Momoka thinks Riku is either crazy or hentai since she does not understand his familiar attitude with her and asks him to stay away from her.  Riku talks to Gonta, but he does not know how to undo his spell.  Riku goes to Kincho and asks him to remove the spell.  Kincho tells Riku that a sacrifice must be made in order to remove the spell.  Is Riku prepared to pay the price?

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