Hajime no Ippo 1078

Hajime no Ippo 1078 Raw


The WBA champ is from America and was insistent in fighting in America. But they wanted Japan and had to pay big money. So in order to make a profit and to get a sold out showing, they put together a big card. The semi main event will be a world flyweight title fight and a Japanese fighter will be the challenger named Tsuchiya, Mashiba defending his title and Sendo will fight in a world ranking fight.
Takahes throws it in everyone’s faces that they lost and did a disturbing strip show.

Kamogawa reflects on his life and with what he has accomplished wirh Takamura and Ippo.

Ippo trains with Takamura and asks him if he really became weak. Takamura tells Ippo that he already told the coach that he accepted that he lost, that Gonzales was the better man, and that he had no excuses but it ends where he tells him that Kamogawa is hurt.

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