Boku Girl 46 Raw and Translation

Boku Girl 46 Raw and Translation

Page 2:

I think it doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy or a girl

I like you nonetheless!

Page 3

I wonder if he made that face for just a normal friend…

Ichimonji knows that Suzushiro became a girl…

But now… living in the same dorms…

Living together.. it means they spend everyday seeing each other…


Page 4:

What if…

Hey Yumeko, did you hear?

eh? about what?

Oh you… everytime we talk about this you space out

About Kayo going out

Ehh… they just met this month! How nice..


Like yeah! We’ll like, talk in the classroom!

Page 05:

It seems like… they did it~

Eh.. for real?

Well a boy and girl..

But I’m okay with taking Suzushiro~ [creepy tranny dude]

Doing it…


Its better that you don’t find out..

Yeah yeah… stay the pure little maiden you are!

Whisper whisper

Page 6



Ahh she told her…

I see.. so a boy and a girl..

So becoming a girl means..

Means that kinda thing huh…

Page 7

Thats right its like that…

And since [she]s a girl it’d be a bigger deal…


However you thinking about it Suzushiro is a boy…. I don’t think he’d accept being called a girl so easily

Page 8

“I just don’t know…

I mean he actually became a girl…”

But if Suzushiro chose to live his life as a girl…


I’ve fallen for you.

Marry me!


And the two started dating with the intention of getting married…

Page 9

And dating Ichimonji, Suzushiro would gradually become more and more feminine…

And then…

Its my first time…

So this is what a woman’s body is like..


Page 10



G-go easy on me please…

Fuck! I can’t hold it back any longer!!


heart text: INTERCOURSE

a<3 aahhh~ <3 <3

That… just that… just CAN’T!

Page 11

Hey sis!

Mom says to get out of the bath soon


What are you doing?!!

I… I overthought it just a bit…

Thats right… taking things to far… just like I always…

But Ichimonji… He’s really…

Page 12

Hey Yumeko!

Class is over so come back and clean up with us already!


I can’t… I can’t…

Page 13

Not being able to notice things around while I’m thinking… why can’t I fix my bad habit…

Its hard to carry all this heavy equipment..

Ahh… now I’ve done it

Don’t try to do the impossible

Give me some

Page 14

Thank you!

Its no biggie…

I’ve also tried a little at art… But I don’t have the heart for painting.. I get frustrated..

But you… your abstract painting really looks similar to this famous artists’!

Actually its just a landscape…

Suzuhiro is better than me at painting so..

Maybe he’ll teach me sometime

Page 15

That’s right! He’s the master… always so posed and calm when he’s painting

To be making such stupid conversation with Ichimonji…

T-true happiness!

Oh thats right…

Have you.. had a chat with Mizuki recently?

Suzushiro’s been through a lot recently..

Page 16

But Suzushiro…

He was beautiful and cut even as a boy

I don’t think that him becoming a girl has made things worse at all..

Oh what am I saying…
Just kidding…. I’m sorry…

I don’t get it.

Page 17

But he’s definitely going through a lot

Always thinking about wanting to change back

But even so I haven’t been able to do anything…

On the contrary…

Page 18




About Suzushiro…

Hey you [Fujiwara]…

Page 19

How you feel …

about Mizuki?

[The ending text: Finally inner feelings are coming to light?]

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