Beastars 159 Spoilers

“Until the day we will be eaten…”
“…We will be together, forever”

Without a word
They’re definitely my friends, young and well

Chapter 159: Purity from the parallel lines

Who would have guessed
that they’re living underground

Legosi: What happened? This air… do they know Louis-senpai?

A female rabbit…
I should introduce myself to them

Legosi: Er…

Legosi: I’m sorry for suddenly broke the ceiling and ended up here… Nice to meet you

Legosi: I’m Legosi the Gray Wolf

Louis: Legosi! Run…

???: Left torso and right eye

Legosi: Louis-senpa…


???: Seems like a man with a buffet full of old wound
???: As you please
(Translation note: could be “hit me as you please” or “living freely”)

Legosi: I just have to snatch the weapons…

Louis: HMPH…

Legosi: Ack…

???: Next it the right eyelid

???: It’s the rule that carnivore trespasser will have to pay with an eye

???: Looking closely
???: You got 3 parallel lines of scar on your right eye

Louis: Legosi! You have your legs!
Louis: Just use them to resist and kick anything!

“Rabbit’s eyes”

Legosi: … are really jet black

Legosi: Jet black…

Legosi: I’m sorry…

Louis: …for real?

???: You think a female like me will be upset just because you pulled down my panties?

???: If you want to see that bad, go on. You won’t be seeing with right eye today anyway

???: Why don’t you kick me?

???: I’m a rabbit after all

???: You don’t want to hurt the weaklings?

???: You think a female having her crotch exposed would be ashamed and let you go?

???: How boring you are

???: Take that deer out and sell him to the BAM…

???: Those eyes…

???: Are you… number 4?

???: Eh?!

Louis: Finally you noticed…

???: No way…
???: The day us livestock friends would reunite has come! We’re so happy!

???: You and number 4 should have told us right away…

Louis: As if I could

???: Sorry sorry, we got the first aid kit in time so the wound is fine now…

???: We’re really sorry again for today

???: Living in the BAM, us herbivores has to adapt like this
???: because we are always targeted

???: Number 4, despite your leg, i’m glad you’re still alive

???: It’s good that we’re still live to this day. You have a name yet?

Louis: Ah… it’s Louis
Louis: How about you guys?

???: Just use the number on our foot. I’m Kyuu (“nine”)
???: And i’m San (not Sans, also means “three”)

When the livestock tower went out of business, we were left behind in cages

This is our home now, we have to fight in arenas around the BAM for money.

Louis: No wonder… I saw it through your movements

San: Kyuu is incredibly strong!
San: And I’m good at finding weaknesses from the opponents

Kyuu: Degosi’s movement is not bad either

Legosi: (It’s Legosi)
Kyuu: But your depraved nature could get you killed by my hands

Kyuu: You could have hit me when you extend your arm, but you intentionally bent your elbow

Kyuu: I don’t know if it was in purpose or not, but your moves seems like they’re from reflexes

Kyuu: Looks like your dullness is your weakness

Legosi: She’s different from Haru-chan… or Juno-san…

Legosi: …or Sebun-san… or mom…

Kyuu: What are you looking at?

Legosi: Er… no

Kyuu: If you want, try to grab my foot and slam me on the floor

Legosi: She’s not just a woman… no
Legosi: She’s not just a living creature

Last word: Kyuu who can overwhelm a carnivore.. Where does her strength come from?

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