Beastars 158 Spoilers

Beastars 158 raw

Chapter 158: The words we never heard


Welcome welcome!
Leg is 30k yen, arm is 10k yen
We have skinning service!
Welcome! Thank you!
Look! Here’s a rabbit’s liver! It’s still fresh!
Break is over!
Even for you livestocks, I still have to let you see the outside world once per month. You should be thankful!
Come back to the cage now! Go go!
“Don’t worry!”
“We will forever be together”
“Until the day we will be eaten”
There’s a fire here and there
With raw meat hasn’t been cooked
Carnivores are standing here and eating
With their wrath flying around
How nostalgic
It’s the same BAM I saw through the bars back then.After all this time, I’m back to BAM.

It’s weird though.

Feeling nostalgic for such scenery.

Come on! “Products” like me will be attacked if i’m not holding my head high.

Must focus on the infiltration!

Legosi: one…. hundred… thousand… million… yen
Legosi: Eh… Even if I don’t have that much, can I talk with you now?
Louis: (Why do I have the feeling I will meet him again?)Louis: Sure, I’m in my disguise, go ahead

Legosi: Well… Bill told me the BAM is strange nowaday, so I came
Legosi: What is this… Why is this…
It’s weirdLegosi: Shishigumi and Melon flags are everywhere
Legosi: And everything looks so dangerous now…
Legosi: Hey

Louis: (I really don’t want my friend to look at my birthplace like this)

Legosi: Is it good enough to speak with me now? Ah… How about a discount
Legosi: Just reduced 5 more zeros…

Louis: FOR 1000 YEN?! I AM THAT CHEAP?! (~10 USD)

Legosi: But I don’t have that much money

Stranger: Whoa! That wolf is desperately trying to haggle

Louis: My fixed price was 7 million yen you know!
Legosi: Fixed price?
Louis: Legosi, right now
Louis: Do you want to look at my real home?Legosi: Your real home? Of course!
Legosi: But I didn’t bring any gifts…
Louis: No need

Louis: This tower is the place where livestocks are sold
Louis: I was grown up there until I was 5
Louis: …or rather, was raised and fed
Louis: Apparently, they went out of business
Louis: I was locked in this cage with my friends a long time ago
Louis: You don’t seems surprised at all
Legosi: With that tone of yours, I’d better just stay calm and listen
Legosi: Like that time…
Legosi: …when you gave me the number “4” on your right foot.
Louis: That was my product number
Louis: All the curses were contained in my right footLouis: Preferrably I wanted you to eat my whole body.

Louis: After being that important part had been “shaved off”, I was changed in such a way, and yet you are still as easygoing as ever.

Louis: If it suits you, I wanted you to eat me whole and change yourself completely.

Legois: I…
Legosi: I also changed after that predatory act
Legosi: I have a criminal record, I had to quit school, but…Legosi: Even though my possibilities, my chances, my body and mind are changed to the worse, after all, I’m still doing my best

Legosi: I didn’t tell anyone, but since I was a kid, I dreamed about being a staff member of an insect house.

Legosi: I’ll take responsibility for your change, Louis-san! But please take responsibility for my life too!
Legosi: And then we’re even.

Legosi: Shouldn’t we take responsibility for each other?

Louis: How should I know about your life, or your failure of working at an insect house?
Legosi: Ah… No, I didn’t mean that

Legosi: Louis-san, can you return back to who you are?
Legosi: The BAM is getting worse
Legosi: The front society is falling
Legosi: If we don’t stop guys like Melon, the animal society will change!
Louis: (Me too, Legosi)
Louis: (I also want to change this animal society to the better)Louis: (Isn’t it the same when I was 5 and couldn’t speak… that I still can’t express my feelings?)

My eyes are wet

It’s not because I’m sad
It’s not because I’m impressed

My eyes are just wet
Just like when father took me here for the first time

Oguma: You have what it takes to change the world

Legosi: Louis-san…

Legosi: We will work together
Legosi: and capture Melon this time
Legosi: We can do it!
Louis: A pitiful duo of an ex-criminal and an animal with a fake leg?
Louis: What are you talking about?Louis: That should be the work for a Beastar!
Louis: And we’re so not gonna achieve that!

Legosi: That’s right! None of us can be a Beastar! I don’t aim for that!
Legosi: We are a pitiful duo, but this duo…

Legosi: …will become Beastars
Louis: I never heard that word before
Louis: Don’t just put a plural form by yourself
Legosi: No I-
Louis: You guys…
Louis: …are still alive?
Last words: The reunion…
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